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Paul McCartney is Getting Married Again

Will He Make the Same Mistake This Time?

Sir Paul McCartney admitted that his marriage to Heather Mills was the biggest mistake of his life in December 2009. After the bitter divorce between the two in 2008 netted Heather Mills a substantial sum of money.

Recently Paul McCartney announced his engagement to business woman Nancy Shevell. (The happy couple pictured below) Paul was quoted as saying that: "I like being in love." It was reported later on however, that Paul was misquoted by the Liverpool Echo (in other words his words were twisted). He did admit that in terms of big mistakes; the marriage to Heather was up there with the big contenders.

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Recently on it has been reported that McCartney is considering going ahead with the marriage without a prenuptial agreement. One family insider has said that his business advisers and friends think he is crazy after what happened in his marriage to Heather Mills. But Paul is insisting that Nancy is nothing like Heather and marriage should not be a business arrangement. It has also been reported that Nancy Shevell has her own money; from her own success in business, however that does not guarantee that the McCartney fortune would not be jeopardy, should things not work out in the marriage.

Paul and Nancy have been dating for the last four years and from all reports; their relationship seems to be a happy one; however time will tell.


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