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The Beatles Break-Up - Was Paul McCartney to Blame

After months of speculation by fans; on the 10 April 1970, Paul McCartney went public with the news that he was quitting the Beatles

Paul McCartney made it official by announcing to the world what many fans had suspected over the past six months - that the Beatles had broken up. Paul McCartney went to court in December 1970 and sued his band mates; Lennon, Harrison and Starr in order to officially dissolve their partnership.

Paul McCartney was ultimately blamed for the Beatle’s demise; however it was John Lennon who announced that he wanted to leave the group back in September 1969 and many rumors were leaking that Yoko Ono was pushing John to leave the group as well. There was even talk of George Harrison walking out on a recording session after an argument with the band saying that he was quitting.


Lennon Announced He Was Leaving Four Months Earlier

Lennon announced to McCartney and Starr in the middle of a business meeting that he wanted a divorce from the group. George Harrison was not present at the meeting.

Tensions were building within the group dating back to 1968 and about a year later Lennon, Harrison and Starr out-voted McCartney on a decision to hire new manager Alan Klein. This decision could have been the straw that broke the camel`s back. Paul McCartney was in discussions with his wife Linda’s father and brother about managing the Apple Corps company.

Lennon also failed to show up for the Beatles final recording session on the 3 January 1970; four months after telling his band-mates privately that he wanted out. During this session, George Harrison’s song “Ï Me Mine” was recorded for the Let It Be album. Months after John made his private announcement, the Beatles gave interviews, however they never mentioned the split.

Lennon Said; Beatles Might Still Work Together

Lennon inferred that the Beatles might still record together, however it is widely known that all four Beatles were working on their own solo recordings, and that Lennon, along with Yoko Ono was extremely addicted to heroin. Lennon was also very busy with his peace campaign. Harrison was quoted by Britain’s New Musical Express as saying “We all had to find ourselves individually; one day.”

Lennon complained that he, Harrison and Starr were unaware of what McCartney was going to do. When Paul McCartney took legal action to dissolve the partnership, it was a shock to the other three lads. Lennon claims the public court action by McCartney was to focus attention on the release of his first solo album. Lennon was quite miffed that he did not think of it himself.

McCartney Depressed Over Beatles Falling Out

Paul McCartney was extremely depressed by the demise of the group. He tried to hold things together for months. McCartney is normally quite a positive person, however for many months after the split he did very little but mope around the house feeling extremely low. He said, in his book McCartney; Yesterday and Today; that he felt like he had lost his best friends.

Although the December 1970 court proceedings officially dissolved their partnership, the Beatles monies were put into escrow for the next five years, so the formal partnership between Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr was legal until early 1975. It took over twenty years to sort out their business issue.

Beatles Were Ready to Split

Today, the group's company, Apple Corps, is jointly owned by McCartney, Starr and the estates of Lennon and Harrison, and Apple Corps still handles all past and future Beatles business. Some fans went as far as to blame the wives’ of the Beatles, particularly Linda and Yoko. However in 1999 during the recording of the Wingspan DVD, Paul McCartney claimed it did not matter who broke the Beatles up – The Beatles were ready to go their separate ways.


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